A Citizens Dividend

In case you received a deposit into your bank account and you were directed to this text by the description, you are a beneficiary of A Citizens Dividend. In the unlikely event you do not want to be a beneficiary anymore, please contact us.

We kick-started this program October 2017 by donating € 1.200 evenly into 12 golden pods. Each golden pod is called after a month in the year. Thus, pod January contained € 100, pod February € 100 and so forth. Each pod seeds into small business loans through modern crowdfunding. As the businesses pay back on the loans as well as pay a yearly small reward for helping them, each pod is refilled to the original volume and will harvest the rewards on top of that. Out of the refilled volume, new loans can be seeded into other small business loans. The yearly harvest within each payment is split into two parts:

  1. Grow the pods and thereby this program. More fortunate pods will compensate less fortunate pods, i.e. solidarity among the pods. All the growing pods together can seed into more small business loans over time.
  2. Make a yearly donation out of the pods to beneficiaries. As a single golden pod exists for each month, together the 12 golden pods yield a monthly donation of A Citizens Dividend.

Grow the golden pods can also be achieved by anyone who wants to contribute to this program. By supplying additional donations on top of previous donations and on top of the rewards already harvested. You are invited to call upon yourself and your relations to contribute in this way. Please contact us on this.

Every citizen who owns a banking account denoting Euros in the Single Euro Payment Area (SEPA) can become a beneficiary. It only requires full name, residence and IBAN. To create monthly donations to as much beneficiaries as possible for starters, the monthly payment is, as of yet, set to the absolute minimum of € 0,01. By this, a maximum of beneficiaries can be reached. As the pods grow, more beneficiaries can be reached and/or the monthly donation can grow.

We expect to be able to enlarge our donation from the initial € 1.200 to € 12.000 in the near future. From that point on, we expect it feasible to actively acquire new donations to speed up growth of A Citizens Dividend.

The objective is to perpetually reach all citizens of the world each with a monthly donation of A Citizens Dividend. A donation enough to meet basic needs at least. How to reach this goal is subject to growing insights and external developments along the route.

The golden pods are completely in our private hands and served by our collaborative efforts. We found ways to automate these processes highly while keeping good control. By this, no costs are involved other than little attention over the seeding, harvesting and distributing processes.


This program is inspired by the guideline ‘Inclusion of all citizens to prosper within our economies’ as proposed in our Manifesto.

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